Our maintenance service plan will assist you in achieving safer operation, protecting personnel, eliminating downtime, and conforming with NFPA and OSHA requirements. These objectives should save energy, save money and reduce your liability in an accident.

Briefly, the services performed will be as follows:

  1. Disassemble burner components, mixers, nozzles, air cocks, orifices, pilots, flame rod, U.V. scanner, all tubing and clean and check for damage.
  2. Check and/or clean blower wheels, bearings, sheaves, filters, and drive belts.
  3. Safety check the operation of flame safety, airflow switches, starter interlocks, pressure switches, valves, purge circuit and timer, pilot turndown, ignition transformers, plugs, wiring, and insulators, and check that panel lights and switches are properly functioning.
  4. Check out that the above existing safety equipment meets current codes.
  5. Start and readjust equipment.
  6. Calibrate temperature controller and high temperature limit switch if necessary.
  7. Check condition of trim, ducts, and door latches.
  8. Check air balance, temperature balance, and exhaust function.

Corbett Industries suggests to initially conduct Preventative Maintenance at a six-month interval. At the time of the second visit, the condition of the equipment will determine if the interval should be increased or decreased. Because the assurance that safety controls are functioning correctly is involved, we feel that annual Preventative Maintenance should be the minimum.

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