• Direct-Fired
  • Indirect-Fired
  • Temperature up to 1000°F
  • Natural Gas, Propane, Fuel Oil, Steam & Electric heating available
  • New Applications
  • Replacement Unites
  • Renovation of Existing Equipment
  • Turnkey Installation
Corbett Air Heaters are used for various applications. Each piece of equipment we build is custom designed to meet the application. Our heaters can be found in a number of processes some of which include curing, drying, extruding, testing, and preheating.

For processes that cannot have the products of combustion come in contact with the process stream, we offer indirect heating using an air-to-air heat exchanger. We offer complete assembled packages. Available heating mediums are Natural Gas, Propane, Fuel Oil, Steam or Electric.

All Corbett heating equipment meets NFPA as Standard. Other requirements such as FM & CSA are also available.

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