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Typical Renovations

  • Complete upgrade of the burner and safety systems on a 23-burner, roller hearth, annealing furnace for a major metal manufacturer.

  • Upgraded the safety controls on a rotary screw furnace for a metal reclamation corporation.

  • Provided design, engineering, and installation for the renovation of a conveyor system for a steel fence manufacturer to increase throughput time and increase production.

  • For a large commercial bakery, we installed safety controls on a multi-burner, baking oven for conformance to insurance and safety codes.

  • We provided a control system renovation on smoke-houses for more than one provision company for more efficient and reliable process control.

  • For a plastic bag printer, we renovated combustion chambers, and control systems on multi-color print presses.

  • For numerous powder coating companies, we repaired combustion chambers, insulation, upgraded the burners and control systems on ovens for more efficient and reliable process control.

  • On a fume incinerator for a web coating company, we renovated and replaced a heat exchanger for improved performance and greater fuel economy.

  • Converted three large ovens from indirect fired to direct fired which improved heating efficiency for a large vitamin manufacturer.

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